THHU-SS-001 Rag *Gold Rare*

THHU-SS-002 Willow *Gold Rare*

THHU-SS-003 Dux *Gold Rare*

THHU-SS-004 Laney *Gold Rare*

THHU-SS-005 Orpheus *Gold Rare*

THHU-SS-006 Sim *Rare*

THHU-SS-007 Botch *Rare*

THHU-SS-008 Goz *Rare*

THHU-SS-009 Bat *Rare*

THHU-SS-010 Shock Staff *Rare*

THHU-SS-011 Tranquillity Vials *Rare*

THHU-SS-021 Rohan *Rare*

THHU-SS-022 Jeremy *Rare*

THHU-SS-026 Marlow

THHU-SS-027 Traeger *Rare*

THHU-SS-028 Scorpion (Familiar)

THHU-SS-030 Would We Be Terrorists Now, Boss?

THHU-SS-031 Accidental Terrorist

THHU-SS-032 Spirit of the Outlands

THHU-SS-033 Moon Blaster

THHU-SS-034 Children of the Outlands

THHU-SS-035 Treaties With the Outlanders

THHU-SS-036 Visit The Bristol Pantry

THHU-SS-037 Radiocast

THHU-SS-038 Tampered With Radiocast

THHU-SS-039 Dynamite

THHU-SS-050 The Orion Accelerator *Parallel Rare*