The Bio-Force special set includes cards to create your own Bio-Force deck. It includes reprints of the Bio-Force characters (first printed in Set 2 - The Never Ending Night) and re-prints of other cards that would accent this deck.

BIOF-SD-001 Luke Smith *Super Rare*

BIOF-SD-002 Brian Dean *Super Rare*

BIOF-SD-003 Director Fox *Super Rare*

BIOF-SD-004 Lance Talbot *Super Rare*

BIOF-SD-005 Vanessa Quinn *Super Rare*

BIOF-SD-006 Sirririsius *Super Rare*

BIOF-SD-007 Bishop Lucifer *Super Rare*

BIOF-SD-008 Craig Huller *Super Rare*

BIOF-SD-009 Agent 13 - Joe Danville *Super Rare*

BIOF-SD-010 Agent 7 - Jeff Argyle *Super Rare*

BIOF-SD-011 Now It's A Party!

BIOF-SD-012 We're A Family

BIOF-SD-013 Call In The Squad

BIOF-SD-014 The Line

BIOF-SD-015 Back From The Dead And Better

BIOF-SD-016 I Will F*&%* Kill You 'Till You Die

BIOF-SD-017 Take Out The Puny Ones First

BIOF-SD-018 If We Can Make It To Sunrise...

BIOF-SD-019 Disruptive Tactics

BIOF-SD-020 We Survived The Worst Of It

BIOF-SD-021 M1911 x2

BIOF-SD-022 Flamethrower

BIOF-SD-023 12-Gauge

BIOF-SD-024 The Cracker

BIOF-SD-025 Mini-Gun

BIOF-SD-026 Kevlar Vest x4

BIOF-SD-027 Corps. Soldier x4

The starter deck also includes reprints of a number of cards from previous sets that accent the deck such as 'Heroes Belt', 'Strength In Numbers' and 'Peaceful Coexistence'.

Pre-order to obtain the special edition card:

BIOF-SD-100 Sword of the Dawnstar *Dawnstar Rare*